Supporting Canadians with Hearing Loss: The Canadian Hearing Society (CHS)

Hearing loss affects millions of Canadians of all ages and can have a profound impact on their lives. The Canadian Hearing Society (CHS) is a non-profit organization that has been advocating, educating and providing services for people with hearing loss since 1940. With a rich history and a commitment to accessibility and inclusion, CHS has become a leading resource for Canadians with hearing loss. In this article, we will explore the many ways that CHS supports Canadians with hearing loss, and the programs and services that make a significant difference in their lives.

Understanding Hearing Loss in Canada

Canada’s aging population has resulted in an increase in hearing loss, which currently affects more than 10% of Canadians. Hearing loss is a significant health issue with far-reaching impacts on wellbeing, employment, and social engagement. It can affect people of all ages, including children, and can be caused by a wide range of factors, including genetics, exposure to noise, and certain medical conditions.

Prevalence and Impact of Hearing Loss

The prevalence of hearing loss in Canada has been increasing over the years, with an estimated four million Canadians experiencing some form of hearing loss. Hearing loss can make it difficult to communicate, socialize, and work effectively, leading to feelings of isolation, depression, and reduced quality of life. It is paramount to raise awareness of the impact of hearing loss on the lives of individuals and on society as a whole.

Common Causes of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can result from a variety of factors, including exposure to loud noise, aging, ear infections, certain medications, genetics, and diseases such as diabetes. Identifying the cause of hearing loss is crucial to managing it effectively and maximizing the chances of restoring or maintaining hearing function. Early intervention is essential to prevent more severe hearing loss and related health issues.

The Unique Challenges Faced by Canadians with Hearing Loss

Canadians with hearing loss face unique challenges and barriers to fully participating in society. Inaccessible workplaces, public spaces, and communication services can exacerbate feelings of isolation and exclusion. Knowing how to navigate these barriers and overcome them is essential to achieving equal rights, opportunities, and experiences for people with hearing loss.

The Canadian Hearing Society: History and Mission

The Canadian Hearing Society was founded in 1940 as a response to the needs of returning Deaf and hard of hearing veterans from World War II. It has since evolved into a leading provider of services for people with hearing loss in Canada. The mission of CHS is to empower people who are Deaf and hard of hearing to overcome barriers to communication, access, and equity in all aspects of life.

Founding and Evolution of CHS

CHS was founded by a group of veterans and advocates who recognized the need for a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the needs of Deaf and hard of hearing Canadians. Since then, CHS has evolved, incorporating new technology and services to better serve its clients and expand its reach across Canada.

CHS’s Commitment to Accessibility and Inclusion

CHS is committed to creating a barrier-free society in Canada by promoting accessibility and inclusion in all aspects of life for people with hearing loss. Its advocacy work aims to increase awareness and remove communication barriers, while its programs and services provide practical solutions to help Canadians with hearing loss achieve their goals.

Key Programs and Services Offered by CHS

CHS offers a wide range of programs and services to support Canadians with hearing loss, including hearing healthcare services, employment services and workplace accommodations, communication devices and assistive technologies, education and training programs, and advocacy and public awareness initiatives.

How CHS Supports Canadians with Hearing Loss

Hearing Healthcare Services

CHS provides hearing healthcare services for people of all ages, including hearing assessments, hearing aid counseling, hearing aid repairs and maintenance, and cochlear implant services. Its team of qualified audiologists and hearing care professionals provides personalized care tailored to each client’s needs.

Employment Services and Workplace Accommodations

CHS offers a range of employment services to help Canadians with hearing loss find and maintain meaningful employment. These services include job coaching, resume writing, interview preparation, and workplace accommodations. CHS also provides training to employers and employees on communication and accessibility in the workplace.

Communication Devices and Assistive Technologies

CHS’s Communication Devices and Assistive Technologies program offers a wide range of devices and solutions to help Canadians with hearing loss communicate more effectively. These devices include captioned telephones, video relay services, and assistive listening devices. CHS also provides training on the use and maintenance of these devices.

Education and Training Programs

CHS provides education and training programs for people with hearing loss, their families, and the general public. These programs cover a variety of topics, including communication strategies, advocacy, and accessibility. CHS also provides American Sign Language (ASL) classes and training on emergency preparedness for Deaf and hard of hearing individuals.

Advocacy and Public Awareness Initiatives

CHS advocates on behalf of Deaf and hard of hearing Canadians to remove barriers to communication and create a more accessible and inclusive society. Its public awareness initiatives aim to increase understanding and awareness of hearing loss and its impact on individuals and society. CHS’s advocacy work also includes consultations with policymakers and service providers to ensure accessibility and inclusion for people with hearing loss.

Success Stories and Testimonials from CHS Clients

Overcoming Barriers to Employment

CHS has helped countless Canadians with hearing loss find meaningful employment and overcome communication barriers in the workplace. One success story is the story of John, who was struggling to find work due to his hearing loss. With the help of CHS’s employment services, John secured a job and received the accommodations he needed to thrive in his new role.

Navigating Daily Life with Hearing Loss

CHS has also helped many Canadians with hearing loss navigate daily life and improve their quality of life. One such client is Sarah, who shares her story, “Before I discovered CHS, I struggled to communicate with friends and family and felt isolated at work. Through their education programs and assistive technologies, I have learned new ways of communicating and regained my confidence.”

Building Connections and Community through CHS

CHS provides a vital sense of community and connection for Deaf and hard of hearing Canadians. Through their programs and services, including special events and support groups, people with hearing loss can connect with others and share their experiences. One client, Mark, shares, “CHS has been a lifeline for me. I have made lasting friendships and gained the confidence to live my life to the fullest.”


The Canadian Hearing Society is a vital resource for Canadians with hearing loss. Its commitment to accessibility and inclusion, advocacy work, and range of programs and services help people with hearing loss overcome barriers to communication and access, improve their quality of life, and achieve their goals. By raising awareness of the impact of hearing loss and promoting accessibility, CHS contributes to creating a more inclusive society where all Canadians can thrive.