Dr. Mark Ross is a Principal Investigator of the RERC on Hearing Enhancement

  Professor Emeritus of Audiology, University of Connecticut and has served as Vice President of the SHHH Board of Trustees. He writes a regular column for Hearing Loss Magazine- The Journal of the Hearing Loss Association of America, called “Developments in Research and Technology.” He has published and lectured extensively on topics dealing with hearing […]

A Retrospective Look at the Future of Aural Rehabilitation

In the Beginning By all accounts, the audiology profession had its genesis in WW II, as an outgrowth of the aural rehabilitation (A/R) programs provided for servicemen who lost hearing in the war. What the government did was bring together a variety of specialists, told them to organize an A/R program, and essentially give them […]

Home-based Auditory and Speechreading Training

The profession of audiology has its roots in the aural rehabilitation (A/R) programs organized by the US military during WW II. Their purpose was to respond to the needs of servicemen who lost hearing as a result of war service. The medical authorities brought together a number of specialists and asked them to create an […]

Dr. Ross on Hearing Loss

Auditory training can be defined as formal listening activities whose goal is to optimize the activity of speech perception (Dr. Arthur Boothroyd).   It is based on an assumption that listeners often need help in dealing with the speech perception deficits that remain after auditory function has been optimized through an appropriate hearing aid selection process.  This point […]

Classroom Sound-Field Systems

Much has been written about classroom sound-field amplification systems since they were first introduced about twenty years ago. As their potential contribution to children in classrooms becomes increasingly clear, there now appears to be a developing professional consensus regarding their efficacy. Indeed, those professionals who use and/or evaluate classroom sound-field system view them as one […]

Digital Hearing Aids: From the Perspective of One Consumer/Audiologist

The Marketing of Digital Hearing Aids Over the past 50 years that I can personally recall, there have been ambitious and hyperbolic marketing appeals about new developments in hearing aids. Even as a professional audiologist, presumably able to separate the “hype” from the facts, it was, and is, hard for me not to be influenced […]

Why do Hearing Aids Cost So Much?

It’s undeniable that the price of hearing aids is often a source of contention between consumers and their hearing aid providers. Nobody likes to be told that they’re going to have to lay out six or more thousand dollars for anything. But there are also some points that I think we can all agree on. […]

Listening to Music Through a Cochlear Implant: Part 1

My first exposure to music while using my cochlear implant (CI) occurred when I left the NYU Center, right after the implant was activated.  It was a cold day in January and I was lucky to find a cab right outside the Center to take me across town. The cabbie might have been the only […]

Audibility and Useful Hearing Aid Features

In preparing this column, I ordinarily consult the trade and professional literature for information on significant developments in hearing assistive technologies (hearing aids and other devices). There is usually no shortage of research studies to review and other developments to report. In recent years, in particular, there has been a virtual banquet of technical developments […]

My “Near Deaf” Experience

I’ve worn hearing aids for over 45 years and I’ve been an Audiologist almost as long. I’ve worked with hard of hearing and deaf people and their families for my entire career and you would think that I would have a good understanding of the feelings and experiences of people who are deaf, particularly late […]