Mark Ross

Mark Ross, Ph.D.


portrait of Mark Ross CURRENT LOCATION

  • University of Connecticut


  • Ph.D. – Stanford University, 1962
  • M.A. – Brooklyn College, 1958
  • B.A. – Brooklyn College, 1957


BIOGRAPHY AND RERC AFFILIATIONDr. Ross is involved with the dissemination of professional information to consumers via bimonthly articles in the journal Hearing Loss, the organ of the Hearing Loss Association of America. He is also involved with responding to consumer queries/comments generated by Hearing Loss articles and subsequent posting to this RERC website.  In the 2008, he had responded and answered 108 questions and comments generated by this RERC website.


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  • Ross, M. (2008) Cochlear Implants and Hearing Aids: Some Personal and Professional Reflections. Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Devevelopment. 45(5), XVII-XXII.


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